Since as early as the 1900s, Thailand has been a top filming destination for many directors. Films shot in Thailand are either set in the country or as a stand-in location for movies set in other countries like Vietnam and Cambodia. This is important because there are times when filming is not possible in these countries for various reasons. Thailand is home to an abundant array of natural resources. There are numerous Thailand filming locations mixing a rich cultural heritage with scenic backdrops.

Thailand as a country is home to various jungles and exotic beaches. It is also rich in wildlife, and productions costs are relatively low. All of these as well as an abundance of experienced crew and local talent have made Thailand a major hot spot for filming.

Popular movies showing some well-known Thailand filming locations include The Big Boss, Jackie Chan’s Around the World in 80 Days, The Scorpion King 3. Thailand has also served as a stand-in location for films set in Vietnam such as Good Morning, The Deer Hunter, The Killing Fields.

Bangkok and Central Thailand

Bangkok preserves a good number of its old heritage buildings in the midst of its bustling modernity. The city which has temples, ancient streets, and crowded shopping centers, provides a bustling backdrop for movies in need of it.

Bangkok - Thailand filming locations / Fixer in Thailand

Northern Thailand

The area referred to as Northern Thailand includes two regions: the high mountain ranges with its rapidly flowing rivers and breathtaking waterfalls. On the other side are the lower altitude areas with its rivers and plush farming landscapes. This area has played host to some top feature films like Air America, Rambo IV, and American Gangster among others.

Southern Thailand

Southern Thailand is an area bounded to the west by the Andaman sea, and on the east, by South China sea. The region provides some of the most spectacular coastline views in the world. The area is definitely one of the Thailand filming locations to keep an eye on.

A very good number of films and TV productions have been shot on the beaches and islands of Thailand. Two James Bond action thrillers, Die Another Day and the Golden Gun, have been filmed here. South Thailand has also hosted action fantasy movies like Starwars: Revenge of the Sith.

Southern Thailand - Thailand filming locations / Fixer in Thailand

The Isan Region

The Isan Region is where you will find the famous Mekong river. The area is one of the most renowned tourist sites in the country and also one of the most popular filming locations in Thailand.

Located in Northeast Thailand, Isan features several dwelling and rock paintings from as far back as the bronze and stone age. This makes it a preferred destination for films of this time setting. The movie Alexander was shot in the Isan region, although the area was transformed into ancient India for the shoot.

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