Thailand has played host to several feature films, TV dramas, docudramas, reality shows, and mini-series. Several big and small budget movies have been shot in the country. Some were filmed in the bustling city center and others on the beaches, islands, farms and other scenic natural landscape.

In other places, you might not need eyes and ears on the ground, but in Thailand, it is mandated by law to hire a local coordinator like Fixer in Thailand to assist with securing permits from authorities. Moreover, having us filling this role also means you can enlist us for other services as well to make the process easier for you.

Filming Permits in Thailand

With Fixer in Thailand as your local coordinator, we will guide you through the steps of applying for filming permits. We will also help with obtaining and submitting the documents required for a hitch-free process. The Thailand Film Office will also appoint a monitoring officer to guide international companies shooting anywhere in the country.

You need a general filming permit in most cases, but there are times when special permits will be required for both public and private locations. Our production fixers can assist you in getting all the permits you need to make the production a success.

Scouting for Locations in Thailand

Thailand is never short of both natural and man-made filming locations. The country offers some high tech studio facilities as well. The preferred location is an essential detail that must be included in your permits application. Thus it is vital to contact our local Fixer in Thailand team for valuable information on filming locations.

Crew Sourcing

Thailand is home to several production companies and numerous freelancers. Finding the right one for a foreign company might be a bit challenging. Not to mention the language barrier.

This is why hiring a local fixer in Thailand makes a crucial difference. We already have an extensive network of cameramen, photographers, sound operators who are sufficiently trained and are experienced in filming with international companies.

Local Talent

You will find several kinds of native talents in Thailand. This includes casts from the colorful hill-tribes and even animals like elephants if needed. Thailand also has an impressive flow of models and actors from South America, Europe, as well as those closer to home from other Asian countries. Our production fixers can help you source for the best crop of local talents for major roles and street casts.  

Film Equipment Rental in Thailand

We have links to the best rental companies in Thailand. Thus, we can help you secure good quality equipment and get the best deals at the most affordable costs. Thailand is an ATA carnet country, which means you can ship in your own equipment into the country if you want.