Local Coordinator Compulsory for Filming in Thailand

Foreign filming industries, journalists and media houses filming in Thailand need to hire a coordinator based locally in the country. This has been made mandatory by the Thailand Film Office of Tourism Development.

Fixer in Thailand can act as your local coordinator. We can represent you to obtain all the needed permits and in other matters that may arise throughout shooting. Our film fixers and local producers can also assist you with other aspects of filming. This includes sourcing for crew and talent, renting equipment, location research.

Tax Incentive

The Thai government offers incentives to international filming companies who have obtained all the needed permits required for filming in Thailand. A 15% incentive is given on local spending of more than 50 million Baht, which is equivalent to $1.4 million.

An additional 3% if given when key crew and personnel in the production are Thai, as well as an additional 2% for productions promoting Thai origin. However, TV commercial do not qualify for these incentives.

Note that the application for these incentives is upon obtaining a permit to film in Thailand and applications are restricted to specific periods of the year. Contact our local film fixer team to learn more about the application for filming permits and incentives.