Fixer in Thailand: Trusted Local Support for Production Crews & Journalists 

Fixer in Thailand is a world-class team of experienced professionals. We are passionate about making filming convenient for international media organizations and filming companies looking to shoot in Thailand. We act as active middlemen overseeing various aspects of production in Thailand.

Our services cover areas such as TV and film production, recruitment of local crews, processing of filming permits and locations research among others.

International filmmakers are required to hire someone to act officially as a local coordinator for their filming. It is quite essential to find a reliable Thailand fixer. You can depend on us to work competently as your local coordinator.  


Our services include:

Crew hiring

We help you find local crew members experienced with handling international production.


Content support

Fixer in Thailand can assist with in-depth research of native Thai culture and translations.


Location scouting

We help you look for desirable filming locations in Thailand.


Obtaining permits

We help you in getting approvals to film in Thailand and for specific locations when required.


Equipment rental

Working with our local partners, we can get you top quality gear at affordable pricing.


Scheduling and logistics

Fixer in Thailand supports all aspects of logistics ensuring that production stays well within schedule and budget.

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Our Areas of Expertise

Support for international journalists

General research, fact checking, access, logistics

TV commercials

Locations, logistics and crew sourcing through local partners.

General production assistance

Our Portuguese production fixers act as a one-stop-shop for any requirements.

Film production

Affordable options for documentary producers & filmmakers.

Equipment rental & crew sourcing

Local kit hire & crew sourcing all around Portugal.

Location scouting & permits

Our fixers can sort location permits and gain access to places throughout the country.

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