Thailand is considered one of the top world destinations for young entrepreneurs, freelancers, digital nomads, and tourists. Famous for its islands and beaches, huge cities, and remote retreats, hiring a production assistant in Thailand is a great start to an incredible journey for you and your filming crew.

The secrets of a production assistant in Thailand

One of the first things a good production assistant in Thailand will tell you is that filming in this country is all about finding those secret gems very few people know about. These are known to locals, but as a foreigner, it’s usually hard to find a good tourist-less place. Because of this, we’ve done our research and can now safely recommend you some of these places. Starting with Koh Panyee, which looks like any other fishing village in the country but it’s not overcrowded with tourists. This makes it the ideal spot for a food documentary series for example.

Another place your production assistant in Thailand might tell you about is the Mae Kampong Hill Tribe. This village situated in the mountains around Chang Mai is the perfect spot for those who’re into filming productions having to do with culture, tradition, and heritage. It boasts a set of incredible views over the dramatic scenery, as well as the whole array of daily life, food and medicine, traditional rituals, and everything else having to do with tribal living.

Finally, you should also visit the Talu Island sea caves before they become yet another overcrowded touristy spot. These caves are just spectacular, being the ideal place to shoot anything having to do with natural wonders, preservation, ecological potential, and sea life. A simple look at some of the pictures from this place will be enough for you and your crew to want to film there immediately.

Do’s and don’ts when filming in Thailand

With such an impressive array of traditions and laws, Thailand is best explored with a local. Especially when you’re out there filming movies or documentaries. Hiring a good production assistant in Thailand is key to the good internal workings of your team. This serves many purposes, the main being the availability of one person that’s from there, and on the ground and available at all hours of day or night. The second most important thing is legality. Thailand has strict rules when it comes to filming, and you’ll require many permits to be able to have your shooting day in peace and well.

Your local staff people will take care of these legal barriers much easier than you’d do without at least one Thai in your team. They simply know how things work, as they’re probably not at their first fixer job when you hire them. Finally, having a Thai in your team helps with the morale, the experience your crew will have while at the job and outside of it, and truly testing the incredible culture that this country has to offer. Thailand is a gem of a country, and a local knows its best bits.